No. Authors Title of paper Registration number Status Notes
1 Leonenko D.B. Dynamic loading of a three-layer rod on an elastic foundation with a local impulse load C01-R Accepted
2 Matchanov R.D.,
Yuldashev A.T.,
Kuldoshev D.A.,
Djuraeva N.B.
Numerical study of fine debris particles approaching raw cotton in pneumatic conveyor system of cotton harvester E02-E Accepted
3 Malikov Z. M.,
Yuldashev. A.T.,
Nuritdinov A.A.,
Madaliev M.E.,
Shoev M.A.
Comparison of High Efficiency Centrifugal Hydrocyclones D01-R Accepted
4 Nazarov F.X.,
Abdukhamidov S.K.
Comparison of numerical schemes for the problem of laminar flow in a channel with a small obstacle D02-R Accepted
5 Yuldashev Sh.S.,
Jumaboyeva Sh.,
Boytemirov M.B.,
Tillaboyev Y.K.,
Abdunazarov A.Sh.
Attenuation of seismic surface waves affecting the building using various barriers A01-E Accepted
6 Isayev G.U.,
Shamsiyev D.K.,
Kurbanbayev M.K.
Calculation of dynamic characteristics during longitudinal-shear vibrations of multi-story buildings within the framework of a plate continuum model A02-E Accepted
7 Usarov M.K.,
Usanov F.A.,
Askarkhodjaev Sh. I.
Calculation of natural frequencies of multi-story buildings under transverse vibrations within the framework of a continuum plate model A03-E Accepted
8 Akhmedov A.B. Applied problems of equilibrium plates in stresses C04-E Accepted
9 Akhmеdov Sh. B.,
Ergashev Q.Kh.,
Ospanov R. S.,
Mirzaolimov I. Y.
Сalсulation of thе strеngth of thе inсlinеd sесtion of rеinforсеd сonсrеtе bridgе bеams, taking into aссount thе еngagеmеnt forсеs and thе nagеl еffесt of longitudinal rеinforсеmеnt C02-E Accepted
10 Mirzoev A.A.,
Ibrokhimov A.R.,
Akhmadov I.A.
Hydrodynamic and rheological features of the movement of fluids taking into account deformation acceleration D03-R Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
11 Sultanov K.S. Umarkhonov S.I. Numerical design of earth dam with account of elastic-plastic deformation of soil under seismic loads. A06-E Accepted
12 Abirov R.A. About the mechanical properties of reinforced concrete C65-R Accepted
13 Lachugina E.A. Natural vibrations of a five-layer asymmetrical in plate thickness C05-R Accepted
14 Khujaev I.K.,
Khozhikulov Sh.Sh.,
Bakhtiyorov B.B.,
Begimov O.M.
Numerical method for solving pipeline equations transportation of real liquid D04-R Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
15 Bakhtiyorov B.B. Simulation of a damper connected to the end of a pipeline within a real fluid at a given inlet fluid flow D05-R Accepted
16 Salitsky V.S. Local loading of a circular five-layer plate C06-R Accepted
17 Starovoitov E.I. Deformation of three-layer plates in a neutron flow C07-R Accepted
18 Shafieva Y.V. Influence of filler compressibility and temperature field on the deformation of a three-layer plate C09-R Accepted
19 Yarovaya A.V. Deformation of an elastic three-layer plate in the temperature field C10-R Accepted
20 Yodgorov Sh.I.,
Aktamov B.U.,
Avazov Sh.B.,
Teshaeva R.B.
Seismic risk assessment for the Fergana region B01-R Accepted
21 Bozorov J.Sh .,
Oripov N.K.,
Yadigarov E.M.,
Xusomiddinov A.S .
Assessment of seismic impact change through engineering-technical reinforcement of loess soils B03-E Accepted
22 Miralimov M.,
Ishanhodjaev A.,
Normurodov Sh. ,
Usmanov D.
Numerical study of the zone of influence of two parallel running tunnels. C11-E Accepted
23 Madaliev М.Е.,
Mamadaliev Kh. A.,
Hamdamov M.M.
Fluid dynamics simulation of twin square cylinders interaction using a two fluid turbulence model Malikov D06-E Accepted
24 Loginov P.,
Akbarov N.,
Khamidov S.
Nonlinear wave processes in rods with external friction. C12-E Accepted
25 Salyamova K.D.,
Tashmatov K.A.,
Nishonov N.A.,
An E.V.
Monitoring the state of dams through satellite and in situ observations and theoretical studies A07-E Accepted
26 Miralimov M.Kh.,
Karshiboev A.I.,
Anvarov B.F.,
Erpolatov I.B.
Methodology for calculating transport tunnels for seismic impacts A04-R Accepted
27 Khujaev J.I.,
Shaimov K.M.,
Eshmurodov M.Kh.
Calculation of heat wave propagation in a rectangular area D26-R Accepted
28 Ergashov D.Y. Mathematical model of combustion of methane-air mixture D07-R Accepted
29 Mirzoyev A.A.,
Ibroximov A.R.,
Axmadov I.A.
Mathematical model of a viscoelastic and inertially deformable medium D08-R Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
30 Bahadirov G.A.,
Umarov A.A.,
Rakhimova Z.A.,
Achilov G.Q.
Experimental study of the process of compression of semi-finished products through shaft pairs of different diameters E03-R Accepted
31 Akhmedjanov Y.A. Equation of motion of a raw accelerator roller of the saw gining zone E04-E Accepted
32 Mirzoev А.А.,
Khodjaev Ya.D.,
Ibrokhimov А.R.,
Matkarimov S.Y.
Numerical simulation of hydrotransport of dispersed particles in a pipeline D09-E Accepted
33 Nabiev A.M.,
Tsoy G.N.,
Rakhimov F.R.,
Rozaxinov A.S.
Improvement and research of a machine for fibrous materials staking E05-E Accepted
34 Mirsaidov M.M.,
Matkarimov P.J.,
Juraev D.
Assessment of stress-strain state of earth dams considering the spatial operation of structures C15-E Accepted
35 Rizaev A.A.,
Khudjaev M.K.,
Ganjayev Sh.A.
Selection of piping material with low aerodynamic resistance for a cotton harvester E06-E Accepted
36 Abdullajonov A. A.,
Akbarov A.N.,
Saidakulov I.Kh.,
Rakhmonov Kh.N.
Force analysis of gear-lever differential transmission mechanism of a machine with shaft E07-E Accepted
37 Rizaev A.A.,
Kuldoshev D.A.,
Djuraeva N.B.,
Normatov M.K.
Energy-efficient pneumatic conveyor system of a semi-mounted cotton picker E08-E Accepted
38 Dekhkonov U.G.,
Najmiddinov I.B.,
Karabayeva M.U.,
A’zamov Q.S.
Aerodynamic features of the two-tier rotor of the wind unit and its driving torque E09-E Accepted
39 Adilov F.F. To strengthening of materials with one central crack. C08-E Accepted
40 Ismailov V.A.,
Aktamov B.U.,
Yodgorov Sh.I.,
Avazov Sh.B.
Seismic risk assessment of residential buildings in the city of Jizzakh in terms of economic indicators B02-E Accepted
41 Khujaev I.K.,
Shirinov Z.Z.,
Ravshanov Sh.
Mathematical model and algorithm for calculating a modern heat exchanger connected to a two-pipe heating network D10-R Accepted
42 Khujaev Zh.I.,
Shaimov K.M.,
Eshmurodov M.Kh.
Application of the straight line method in studying the propagation of thermal waves in a rectangular region D11-R Accepted
43 Akhmedov MA. Consequences of the earthquake in the city of Iskenderun B04-R Accepted
44 Kayumov A.D.,
Kholzhigitov Sh.B.,
Rakhimbaev O.D.
Ensuring the stability of highway slopes in the conditions of Uzbekistan C16-R Accepted
45 Loginov P.,
Akbarov N.,
Khamidov S.
Numerical solution of longitudinal wave propagation in a nonlinear viscoelastic medium. C17-E Accepted
46 Belyi A.А.,
Antonyuk A.A.,
Makhonko A.A.
Justification for the implementation of a monitoring system on drawbridges С18-R Accepted
47 Khaldjigitov A.,
Khasanova Z.,
Djumayozov U.
Plane Problems in Strains for Orthopropic Bodies С19-E Accepted
48 Safarov I.I.,
Mirzakabilov B.N.
Natural vibrations of cylinder and spherical shell in elastic medium С20-E Accepted
49 Abdusattarov A.,
Starovoitov E.I.,
Ruzieva N.B.
Modeling of nonlinear deformation and damage of underground pipelines - rods under cyclic loading, taking into account large deformations С21-R Accepted
50 Khasanov A.Z.,
Khasanov Z.A.,
Tursunov Sh.A.
Experimental studies of the contact problem of a beam and a soil foundation. С22-R Accepted
51 Vasilevich Yu.V.,
Abdusattarov A.,
Sabirov N.Kh.
Study of stress-strain state and natural vibrations of a cylindrical composite pipe С23-R Accepted
52 Shirinov Z.Z. Thermal calculation of a modern multi-section heat exchanger D12-R Accepted
53 Ishankhodjayev A.A.,
Akhmеdov Sh.B.
On the methodology of reinforcement of t-shaped reinforced concrete beams with carbon fiber materials С24-E Accepted
54 Matkarimov A.Kh. Seismic vibrations of underground pipelines taking into account viscoelastic interaction A08-R Accepted
55 Moskvitin G.V.,
Arkhipov V.E.,
Pugachev M.S.
Gas-dynamic method for alternative production of new coating materials D25-R Accepted
56 Khujaev I.K.,
Khodzhaev Sh.T.,
Abdukarimov A.
Mathematical model and method for calculating a section of a gas pipeline operating in a quadratic flow mode D14-R Accepted
57 Nizomov D.N. Mathematical modeling of the problem of interaction of buildings and structures with the foundation under seismic impacts A09-R Accepted
58 Safarov I.I.,
Teshaev M.Kh.,
Rakhmonov B.S.,
Jalolov F.B.
Dynamic stress-strain state of multilayer cylindrical shell under the influence of cylindrical harmonic waves С28-E Accepted
59 Usmonov B. Sh.,
Nuriddinov B.Z.,
Boltayev Z.I.,
Homidov F.F.
To the solution of the problem of takeoff and landing of hereditary deformable airplane in turbulent atmosphere D28-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
60 Dalabaev U. Investigation of fluid flow in a heterogeneous region based on the Rakhmatulin model D15-E Accepted
61 Malikov Z.M.,
Nazarov F.Kh.
Numerical study of flow in flat plastic with zero pressure gradient based on a two-fluid model. D16-E Accepted
62 Mirzaev I.,
Gainazarov S.M.
Influence of lining depth in an elastic medium with transparent boundaries under the influence of seismic waves. С30-R Accepted
63 Mirzaev I.,
Shomurodov J.F.,
Kosimov E.A.,
An Ye.V.
Seismodynamics of segmented pipeline systems A10-E Accepted
64 Mardonov B.,
Bekmirzaev D.,
Berdibaev M.,
Khurramov A.,
Botabaev N.
Assessment of vibrations of superstructures of reinforced concrete bridges under the influence of mobile loads С32-E Accepted
65 Lyamin A.V.,
Nurmukhamedov A.M.,
Nosirov M.I.
Studying the thermal conductivity of materials E52-E Accepted
66 Galiaskarov V.A.,
Teshabayev Z.R.
Modernization of an engineering seismometric observation station using computer technologies. B05-R Accepted
67 Abdikarimov R.A.,
Ishmatov A.N.,
Khodzhaev D.A.,
Normuminov B.A.
Parametric vibrations of a viscoelastic shell of variable thickness С34-E Accepted
68 Nurmatov U.A.,
Sadykov Yu.M.,
Yusupdzhanova U.A.
To assess the seismic hazard of Tashkent B06-R Accepted
69 Dostanova S. Kh.,
Issakhanov Y.,
Kasymova G. T.,
Tokpanova K. E.
Elastic-pliable links to regulate the forces in the superstructures of transport structures С35-E Accepted
70 Nuguzhinov Zh.S.,
Akhdiev S.K.,
Beketova M.S.,
Koishybay Zh.A.
Propagation of longitudinal mechanical waves in an elastic region of triangular shape С36-R Accepted
71 Khamdamov M.M.,
Muzaffarov S.A.
Simulation of turbulent flow around a thin rectangle using turbulence model and Comsol Multiphysics environment D17-R Accepted
72 Khusanov K. Methods for parametric release of mechanical systems containing servo-constraints E36-E Accepted
73 Normatov Sh.I.,
Rikhsieva B.B.
Stability assessment of pit wall sides determining parameters of slip surface С38-E Accepted
74 Ismoilova S.I.,
Khazratova T.Ya.,
Begmanov R.A.
Influence of elastic, viscous, and plastic properties on the stress-strain state of yarns under irregular dynamic loads С39-E Accepted
75 Ismoilova S.I.,
Khazratova T.Ya.,
Begmanov R.A.,
Mamatova N.R.
Determination of strain moduli parameters of cotton yarn under the change in its structure С40-E Accepted
76 Tuyboyov O.V.,
Shamsiyev X.M.
Machine learning-driven condition monitoring and prognostics for predictive maintenance E10-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
77 Tuyboyov O.V.,
Normatov S.B.
Ai-enhanced multi-objective optimization for machine structure design E11-E Accepted
78 Ubaydullaeva D.Kh.,
Akhmedova M.F.,
Ortikova N.
Study of deformation characteristics of two-layer knitted weave C41 Accepted
79 Turdibekov J.E. Analysis of elastic prismatic rods subjected to torsional loads С42-E Accepted
80 Rakhimov R.V.,
Mansurov Yu.N.,
Zhengwei W.,
Lingying Y.
Modern aluminum composites and alloys for car building (part 1) E12-E Accepted
81 Rakhimov R.V.,
Mansurov Yu.N.,
Zhengwei W.,
Lingying Y.
Modern aluminum composites and alloys for car building (part 2) E13-E Accepted
82 Teltaev B.B.,
Iskakbaev A.I.,
Aitbaev E.E.,
Zhaisanbaev A.S.
Regularities of deformation and destruction of asphalt concrete under uniaxial tension С43-E Accepted
83 Kayumov Sh.,
Ziyadullaeva Sh.S.,
Bekchanov Sh.E.,
Khusanov E.A.
Construction of a mathematical model of the problem of the theory of filtration of anomalous, anomalously structured fluids in hydro-dynamically connected two reservoir environments D18-E Accepted
84 Djabbarov Sh.,
Abdullaev B.,
Inagamov S.,
Abdusaid Y.
Using regression analysis for demand forecasting in railway freight transportation in Kazakhstan and evaluating the quality of the forecasts E14-E Accepted
85 Kamchybekov M.P.,
Yegemberdiyeva K.A.,
Murataliev N.M.
On the issue of seismic risk in the territory of Batken, Kyrgyzstan B07-E Accepted
86 Khudoynazarov Kh.,
Gadayev A.B.
Displacements in the torsional vibrations of a round elastic rod in a viscous fluid flow D19-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
87 Eshmatov B.Kh.,
Abdikarimov R.A.
Bending of fiber-reinforced composite wing-like plates С44-E Accepted
88 Israilov M.Sh. Contribution and influence of T.R. Rashidov's works on the formation of mathematical seismodynamics of underground structures A11-E Accepted
89 Ibragimov A.Kh.,
Mamarozikov T.U.
Applicability of the HV method in seismic microzoning B08-E Accepted
90 Khojiqulov Sh.Sh. Numerical method for solving pipeline transport equations of real fluid under given laws of change of pressure at inlet and mass flow at outlet of pipeline. D20-E Accepted
91 Yusupov V.R. Utilizing variations in electromagnetic fields of alterable natures as predictors of strong earthquake. B09-E Accepted
92 Kalandarov A.,
Khaldjigitov A.,
Atabayev K.
Coupled plane problem of dynamic thermal elasticity in stresses С46-E Accepted
93 Keldiyorova M.A. Constructing the differential equation of gyrostatic motion in lagrange variables E37-E Accepted
94 Khudainazarov Sh.,
Salimov Sh.
Natural vibrations of smokestacks of thermal power plants С48-E Accepted
95 Khusainov R.,
Khusainova B.,
Khusainov S.
Oscillations of underground pipelines under nonlinear interaction with soil С49-E Accepted
96 Kurilkin D.N.,
Abdurakhmonov P.Q.
On the constant power supplied to the traction motors of diesel locomotives E15-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
97 Eshmuradov D.E.,
Dzhumamuratov B.A.,
Elmuradov T.D.,
Sharipov G.N.
Simulation of a dynamic conflict situation in real time flight of a restored aircraft vessel С50-E Accepted
98 Abdukadirov F.E.,
Hasanov T.M.
Design and calculation of surface road conductors С51-E Accepted
99 Sachkova O.S.,
Abdurakhmonov P.Q.,
Rustamov Sh.T.
Modern technical solutions for ensuring safe evacuation of low-mobility passengers from locomotive-hauled cars E16-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
100 Ismailov V.,
Oripov N.,
Yanbukhtin I.,
Bozorov J.
Evaluation of resonance risk and strength of a high-rise building using the microtremor method B10-E Accepted
101 Belov N.A.,
Rakhmatov Kh.A.
Prospective, non-heat-treatable aluminum alloys for railway car manufacturing E17-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
102 Takhirov Sh.,
Zakhidov A.,
Teltayev B.,
Nugmanova A.
Temperature monitoring of pavement layers for performance improvements of automotive roads. С52-E Accepted
103 Ubaydulloyev M.,
Ubaydulloyev O.
Updating certain provisions of the calculation of buildings and structures taking into account seismic impacts in Uzbekistan A05-E Accepted
104 Israilov M.Sh. Solution of the external Pochhammer ‒ Chree problem and derivation of the proportionality law for bending seismic vibrations of a pipeline in an elastic soil С67-E Accepted
105 Nigay R.,
Ergasheva V.
Development of a system for ammonia injection into cylinders of autonomous locomotive engines E18-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
106 Gayipov A.B. Experimental investigation of characteristics of lithium-ion battery for traction rolling stock E19-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
107 Takhirov S.M.,
Rakhmonov B.,
Akhmedov M.M.,
Blondet M.
Structural health monitoring of Chadra hauly (Khorezm, Uzbekistan) by means of laser scanning. C53-E Accepted
108 Mirsaidov M.M.,
Ishmatov A.N.,
Yuldoshev B.Sh.,
Urinov B.Kh.
Vibrations of plane structures considering the physical nonlinearity of the material C54-E Accepted
109 Shodiev Zh.G.,
Babashev K.A.
Experimental study of the movement of a small truck on rough roads E20-R Accepted
110 Khudanov U. O.,
Kadirov T.Z.,
Sharifov G.N.,
Gelchinova S.
The influence of surfactants and collagen on the clinker grinding process C55-E Accepted
111 Nabiev A.N.,
Nabiev A.A.
Relevance of studying the propagation of shock waves in soils and rocks at high stresses C66-R Accepted
112 Ravshanov Sh.,
Aminov Kh.,
Rahmonova N.
Simulation of flow dynamics in a gas network pipe D21-E Accepted
113 Abduraimov U.K. Calculation of the design of railway subgrades made from dune sands for stability using standard technological solutions C56-R Accepted
114 Mamatkulov D.D.,
Jumaev A.A.,
Namozov S.B.
Influence of preliminary heat treatment on deformation of stamp steel C57-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
115 Akhmedov A.B.,
Kuldibaeva L.A.
Non-classical theory of the equilibrium of layered plates C58-E Accepted
116 Kabulov A.V.,
Normatov I.Kh.
Problems of algorithmization in fracture mechanics C59-R Accepted
117 Matmurodov F.M. Dynamic mass-inertial characteristics of the action of a three-point engine of a mobile machine taken into account of changing loads E21-E Accepted
118 Khudoynazarov Kh.Kh.,
Akhatov Kh.N.
Comparative analysis of torsional vibration of circular cylindrical elastic and visco elastic shells C60-E Accepted
119 Matmurodov F.M. Analytical dynamic simulation of multi-hierarchical mechanical system and engine shaft-damper-case of mobile machine using multimass rheological models E22-E Accepted
120 Mamasaidov M.T.,
Ismanov M.M.
Conditions for dynamic balance and strength of the rope working body of a stone-cutting machine E23-R Accepted
121 Mamasaidov M.T.,
Isaev I.E.
Dynamic models and patterns of loading power elements of a hydraulic stone splitting press E39-R Accepted
122 Abdazimov A.D.,
Omonov N.N.
Study of the speed parameters of horizontal spindle cotton picking machines in the conditions of the RUz E24-R Accepted
123 Annakulova G.K.,
Astanov B.Zh.,
Saidov S.A.
Stability of a two-stage pneumohydraulic system with relay control with a dead zone E25-R Accepted
124 Namozov S.B.,
Fedorova V.I.
Development of digital models of carriages and preparation of big data for the development of the algorithm for predicting the remaining service life of car units and parts. E26-E Accepted
125 Boronenko Yu.P.,
Kron I.R.,
Raxmatov X.A.
Application of digital models and satellite navigation means for determining the main resistance to the movement of freight wagons E27-E Accepted
126 Alimov B.M.,
Alimova D.B.,
Mirzayeva M.M.
Determination of the rotation frequency of the satellites of the planetary mechanism in the epicyclic zone of the cotton harvester apparatus E28-E Accepted
127 Alimov B.M.,
Kоdirova Y.
Mathematical modeling of the operation of the synchronizer of the planetary mechanism E29-E Accepted
128 Navruzov D.P.,
Madaliev M.E.,
Fayziyev A. A.,
Simulation of swirling jet flows based on two fluid turbulence model D22-E Accepted
129 Shermukhamedov U.Z.,
Karimova A.B.,
Abdullaev A.R.,
Gulomov D.I.
Selection of the type of supporting parts for the seismic stability of continuous reinforced concrete bridges C63-E Accepted
130 Djumaev Kh. On the rheological model of asphalt concrete C64-E Accepted
131 Shukurov Z.K.,
Navruzov K.,
Kodirova M.A.
Convenience of a generalized model for studying unstationary flow of elastic-viscous fluid in a flat channel D23-E Accepted
132 Bahadirov G.A.,
Musirov M.U.,
Akhmedov Kh.A.
Study of the device for conveying materials into the processing area E01-E Accepted
133 Kosimov Kh.Kh.,
Muradov R.M.
Studying the movement of cotton raw material in the working chamber of the stone cap E30-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
134 Abdazimov A.D.,
Sherkobilov S.M.,
Aliboev B.A.,
Shodiev Zh.G.
Justification of the parameters of the steering linkage of MX type cotton pickers E31-R Accepted
135 Shoumarova M.,
Abdillaev T.
Creation of a machine for shaping tree crowns in intensive gardens E32-E Accepted
136 Umarov B.T.,
Gulmatov A.B.,
Tursunaliyev I.E.
Movement of potato tubers between belts E33-E Accepted
137 Normatov Sh.I.,
Khusanov B.E.,
Ganieva B.R.
On analytical method for assessing the stability of soil slopes C68-E Accepted
138 Mavlanov T.,
Khudainazarov SH.O.,
Rayimov A.O.
Dynamic simulation of a human body by frequency response data C69-E Accepted
139 Abdukarimov A. Kinematics of a combined gear-lever differential transmission mechanism E34-E Accepted
140 Saparbayev.R.K.,
Modeling of virus spread processes in telecommunication networks A14-E Rejected Paper's content is not covered by conference topics
141 Khaydarov S.I. Application of a modern two-fluid turbulence model for methane-air simple jet combustion D24-E Accepted
142 Khusainov R.,
Khusainova B.,
Khusainov S.
Numerical solution to the differential equation of transverse vibrations of an underground pipeline C70-E Accepted
143 Norkuziev O.S. Analysis of kinematic parameters of spindles and pullers of horizontal spindle cotton picking machines E35-R Accepted
144 Yadigarov E.M.,
Khusomiddinov A.S.,
Islamov Kh.A.,
Mansurov A.F.
On the issue of the need for seismic microzoning in urban areas (using the example of Gulistan) B11-R Accepted
145 Atabekov I.U.,
Sadykov Yu.M.
Geodynamic setting of the earth's crust of the Western Tien Shan microplate B12-R Accepted
146 Khurramov Sh.R.,
Abdukarimov A.
Friction in roll modules of technological machines E40-E Accepted
147 Taniwangsa W.,
Chavez J.W.
Special inspections and testing for concrete building construction in high seismic areas B13-E Accepted
148 Takhirov Sh.,
Gilani Amir,
Ergashev Z.,
Abdiashimuly K.
Structural response of the Humbolt bay bridge to the recent seismic events: analysis of strong motion data. A13-E Accepted
149 Gilani A.,
Miyamoto K.,
Takhirov Sh.
2023 Turkey earthquake: damage assessment using remote sensing and development of rapid assessment protocol B14-E Accepted
150 Ibragimov B.T.,
Nishonboev Sh.Z.,
Abdusattorov A.A.,
Rashidov J.
Evaluation of strength properties in soils enhanced by large crushed stone particles C71-E Accepted
151 Muhammadiev D.M.,
Ergashev I.O.,
Abdusalomov M.S.,
Zhamolova L.Yu.
Study of the power consumption of the electric motor of the seed tube. E41-R Accepted
152 Djuraev А.,
Juraev D.D.
Studying the process of separation of cotton rushanka seeds in the working area of the separator E42-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
153 Alimov B.G.,
Kurbanov T.S.,
Mamarozikov T.U.,
Islamov H.A.
Implementation of seismic monitoring for the example of the Gissarak dam. B15-E Accepted
154 Djurayev A.,
Yuldashev K.,
Nizomov T.
Dynamic analysis of the machine unit for cleaning cotton from small pollutions. E43-E Accepted
155 Abduvakhobov D.A.,
Gofurjanov I.I.,
Madrahimova M.B.
Vibration analysis of a rubber shock absorber with a curved surface of a cotton squeegee E44-E Accepted
156 Abduvakhobov D.A.,
Gofurjanov I.I.,
Madrahimova M.B.
Analysis of the impact of shock on cotton using the recommended cotton degreaser repeller E45-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
157 Yanbukhtin I.R.,
Mamarozikov T.U.,
Zakirov A.Sh.,
Oripov N.K.
Testing of an microcomputer-based station in microtremor surveys B16-E Accepted
158 Shernaev A.N.,
Gulyamov G.,
Lyamin A.V.,
Usenova G.S.
Study of the temperature of a sliding bearing made of antifriction wood-polymer composite material and wear at various specific loads and speeds E46-E Accepted
159 Gulyamov G.,
Shernaev A.N.,
Usenova G.S.
Design of sliding bearings from antifriction wood-polymer composite materials for friction units of cotton machines and mechanisms E47-E Accepted
160 Ayazbay M.D.,
Baymamyrov A.D.
Analysis of wear of fixed joints of motor transport equipment E48-E Accepted
161 Makhmudova Sh.A.,
Akhmedova D.A.
Methods for determining and improving parameters affecting wagons E49-E Accepted
162 Kudratov S.,
Nam V.,
Takhirov Sh.
Image recognition of Traffic signs based on deep learning method C72-E Rejected Paper's content is not covered by conference topics
163 Mardonov B.,
Nishonov N.A.,
Rakhmanov A.
Vibrations of a pipeline in contact with a layer of soil simulated by a granular medium C81-E Accepted
164 Mirzakhmedov M.I.,
Yuvmitov A.S.,
Khurramov A.Ch.
Studies on truss bridges C73-E Accepted
165 Navruzov Q.,
Mirzoev A.A.,
Fayziev R.А.,
Akhmedov N.O.
Laminar unstationary flow of a viscoelastic fluid in a flat channel D29-E Accepted
166 Ismailov V.A.,
Ibragimov R.S.,
Yodgorov Sh.I.,
Nurmatov U.A.,
Aktamov B.U.
Assessment of the seismic hazard of the territory of the city of Tashkent as the basis for the development of simulation modeling of the consequences of strong earthquakes B17-E Accepted
167 Bekmirzaev D.A.,
Mansurova N.Sh.
Mathematical modeling and numerical solution of problems of underground pipelines under spatial seismic effect C74-E Accepted
168 Indiaminov R.,
Djuraev A.,
Shodmonov J.,
Indiaminov M.
Nonlinear strain of flexible shells in a magnetic field C75-E Accepted
169 Takhirov Sh.,
Soga K.,
Katzev D.
Center for smart infrastructure: a comprehensive approach for water infrastructure monitoring and preservation by testing and modeling C76-E Accepted
170 Bekmirzaev D.,
Berdibaev M.,
Botabaev N.,
Rakhimjonov Z.
Assessment of seismic strength of transport structures based on electronic technical passports in Uzbekistan A15-E Accepted
171 Mamasoliev K.M.,
Sindarov J.A.
Analytical method for solving the problem of calculating three-layer plates C77-E Accepted
172 Rahimov R.V.,
Khikmatov F.F.,
Zafarov D.Sh.,
Galimova F.S.
Conversion of a passenger wagon into a dynamometric wagon for railways of the Republic of Uzbekistan E50-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
173 Boronenko Yu. P.,
Komaidanov A.A.,
Romanova A.A.,
Rahimov R.V.
Influence on the energy efficiency index of rolling stock characteristics of freight cars and operating conditions E51-E Accepted
174 Sagdiev Kh.S.,
Yuvmitov A.S.,
Akhundjanov D.G.,
Egamberdiev B.O.
On earthquake resistance of frame-skeleton buildings constructed within the framework of building standards SNIP II-a.12-69 A16-E Accepted
175 Kondratyev V.A. Seismic hazard assessment in the city of Samarkand B18-R Accepted
176 Ibragimov R.S.,
Ibragimova T.L.,
Mirzaev M.A.,
Ashurov S.Kh.
Seismic hazard of the Fergana valley territory B19-E Accepted
177 Khamidov L.A.,
Anvarova S.G.,
Ganieva B.R.
Clustering the distribution of earthquakes near reservoirs B20-E Accepted
178 Yanbukhtin I.R.,
Mamarozikov T.U.,
Zakirov A.Sh.,
Musaev. U.T.
Testing of an microcomputer-based station in microtremor surveys B21-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
179 Rasulov A.V.,
Sattarova N.A.,
Khasanova G.I.
Mechanisms of chemical changes in groundwater content B22-R Accepted
180 Yusupov Y.,
Sagdullaeva D.,
Soliev A.
Numerical modeling of the coupled dynamic problem of the strain space thermoplasticity theory C78-E Accepted
181 Bondar I.S.,
Mamedova J.E.
Ensuring the strength of cohesive clay soils railway embankment C79-E Accepted
182 Sergey V.,
Recent earthquakes in Turkey (2023) and Taiwan (2024): Earthquake spectral characteristics, seismic waves, and methods of seismic protection A17-E Accepted
183 Uzdin A.M.,
Shermukhamedov U.Z.,
Rakhimjonov Z.K.,
Gulomov D.I.
Amplitude-frequency response of seismic-isolated highway bridges at different combinations of span links A18-E Accepted
184 Abdullabekov K.N.,
Maksudov S.Kh.,
Yusupov V.R.
The manifestation of abnormal variations of the geomagnetic field in Uzbekistan (Tashkent seismically active region) B23-E Accepted
185 Rikhsieva B.B.,
Salikhova Z.R.,
Khusanov B.E.
Elastoplastic waves in soils during longitudinal movement of an underground pipeline A19-R Accepted
186 Malinin A.,
Malinin D.
Installation of Atlant screw anchors using jet grouting C82-E Rejected The article is not prepared according to a template
187 Nesterovich A.V. Non-axisymmetric deformation of a three-layer circular plate under linear loads C83-R Accepted
188 Melnikova A.S. Statement of the problem of elastoplastic bending of a three-layer plate in a thermoradiation field. C84-R Accepted